Neurophysicist Christian Opitz Tries Alphabiotics

Alphabiotics Testimonial Neurophysicist Christian Opitz, Tries Alphabiotics! Sept 1999

I have been developing and teaching various methods to awaken the incredible potential of whole brain functioning for several years. Naturally I have also researched everything in this field from A to Z. In my opinion and experience, Alphabiotics is the single most effective method to directly eliminate the stress response from the deep limbic system, the storehouse of our survival urges. The stress response distorts our perception of life by inserting a painfully personal relationship to events, behavior of other people and circumstances. Hence we take the happenings of our lives personal, i.e. as indications of our self-worth, completion and happiness. We experience a compulsive struggle, trying to make good experiences last and resisting those that we label as bad. True happiness and self-worth, however, are intrinsic to our being and not caused nor diminished by the events of life unless we interpret life as a struggle. Very often, the very attempt to break free from the patterns of stress is in itself another pattern of struggle, which is one major obstacle in many self-help approaches. Alphabiotics is not confined in it’s effectiveness by any pattern of self-sabotage, since it induces an effect on the brain/nervous system that we simply have no possibility to resist. Technically speaking, an Alphabiotic alignment reverses the piezoelectric waves emanating from the limbic system so that the wave patterns of stress response collapse on themselves. In that moment, much neurological energy is freed up from stress patterns in the limbic system and naturally gravitates towards the cortex, our ‘higher brain.’ This interruption of stress allows clear seeing and although the many side benefits include enhanced physical well-being, there is a lot more to it than just feeling good. In clear seeing the possibility to cultivate a truthful outlook on life is greatly enhanced, and instead of just making the nightmare of struggle a little nicer, we can begin to wake up from it and release into the freedom that is inherently ours. The alignment itself may feel awkward at first, but this is simply due to a mistaken interpretation of passive head movements as dangerous. When the movement is simply allowed to happen, it can be quite delightful. In the moment of the alignment, the brain is very open to input of any kind, and since brains of different people exchange information through brain waves, the inner attitude of the alphabioticist is very important. I hope that in the future, many more people will benefit from Alphabiotics as much as I do. Note by Susan Davidson Alphabioticist, Santa Barbara, CA: Christian Opitz lives in Germany and is the author of five books. He lectures extensively in Germany , Austria and Switzerland . He saw my web site and on his visit to the USA he made a trip to Santa Barbara specifically to experience Alphabiotics. He is an amazing man with incredible knowledge and insight into the development of and understanding of the workings of the brain.

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