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  1. I have been getting Alphabiotic Alignments since 1993. It has helped change my life in a very significant way. Dr. Chrane is a compassionate individual who has distilled this amazing process down to it’s essential components. He applies that knowledge directly and the result is your whole life begins to improve. I highly recommend Alphabiotics to anyone searching for something greater and something that actually works. Yes, it takes time. If you are consistent, you will reap great rewards for your persistence. Best wishes and good luck to you!

  2. I first learned about Alphabiotics through a colleague at work who looked like he was in the most calm and serence place anyone could ever be. I then went to see Dr. Doug Curtis in Venice Beach, CA.

    He quickly and thoroughly explained how stress negatively impacts our life and how Alphabiotics helps tightly bind us back to our Greater Self.

    I must admit that I only did it because I thought it was a great way to get my head out of my shoulders (I.E. muscle tension).

    After the first alignment, I could breathe deeper, stand straighter, I had a smile permanantly clasped across my face and I slept like a baby. Stress at work and in my personal life no longer seemed to affect me and I then began to ask more and more about Alphabiotics and decided to shift gears in my life and become and Developmental Alphabioticist.

    In closing, I had no idea that Alphabiotics was going to change my life and glad I did it. I love watching people blossom and to see how much we get in our own way when we remain out of balanced and over-stressed.

    I thank Alphabiotics daily.


    David Bransky
    The Alphabiotic Studio
    Santa Monica, CA

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